Systema: Russian Martial Art Chicago


What the students say about Systema:

"Systema occurs to me as the most spiritual of all other forms of martial arts. It truly teaches to have peace and emotional calmness in any situation."
-- Dmitry Z.

"My husband is a combative instructor for the army. I enjoyed that training, but felt it was not complete. Systema is not only full body, but self understanding and incredibly effective. I love it. I love how it makes me think, and how it makes my fight."
-- Jaquelyn H.

"Systema has provided me with an alternative to my usual day... I feel that now I am a bit stronger even though I don't have 21' biceps and can't bench press 350lbs like I did when I was competitive in football and that I have maintained my flexibility. I have an appreciation for the friendships in the class and look forward to maintaining Systema in my life..."
-- Mario V. Jr.

"I believe Systema is the foundation I need to build the rest of my life on, properly. Systema to me represents a door, one that opens to my future and closes my past. I dream of training with my family, teaching my kids, and growing together in the experience of it all. Funny, because I would never look at ANYTHING else this way. I mean who would look at a martial art and think (There is the key to a happy future). But with Systema I do not think it I KNOW it."
-- Jason F. 

"After every seminar, I am rejuvenated; I have learned more about myself and what I can do. I feel stronger, safer, and confident that I am better able to protect myself, my wife and my loved ones, no matter what the circumstances. My investment in Systema has given me unbelievable physical, psychological and spiritual returns. I plan to continue working at it, and getting those returns for many years to come."
-- David B.

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