Systema: Russian Martial Art Chicago


Come in and experience one free, no obligation Systema Martial Art group class plus one free Systema Health class
PLUS receive a free Systema Instructional DVD (new students only)!

Our location:
6566 N. Avondale Ave, Chicago, IL at Olympia Park (scroll down to see the map). Once inside, the Large room is 3rd door on the left.


Regular Training Class Schedule 
(for seminars and special events see the Calendar)

Monday 7:00 pm - 9:15 pm Systema Martial Art - Adults
Thursday 7:00 pm - 9:15 pm Systema Martial Art - Adults


Frequently asked questions:

Are there any restrictions for studying Systema? - Answer: Systema classes are now open to everyone regardless of gender, age, health, and ethnicity. If you breathe, you can benefit from Systema.

How long does it take to become a Black Belt? - Answer: There are no belts or competitions in Systema, because each student develops his/her own expression of the art based on their individual strengths. Most students can confidently defend themselves and their families after several months of regular Systema classes.

I saw some amazing Systema video clips on the web – are they real? Answer: The only way to find out is to experience live classes with a certified Systema instructor.

What should I wear for the classes? Answer: There are no uniforms in Systema to keep our training real. Any comfortable, everyday clothing such as a T-shirt and sweat pants will work.

What are the fees? Answer: There is no fee for participating in two trial classes. Then choose from available packages:
  • Basic (up to 10 classes) for $90 per month, or 
  • Unlimited (up to 22 classes) for $140 per month. 
You can mix and match Health and Martial Art classes and change your membership level at any time.     
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